What is Dropshipping and How Can I start Dropshipping today

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a term that has been around for a few years now and is is quite a simple approach on e-commerce.
What if you had a webshop and filled it with product from a supplier that is willing to ship the orders to your customers.
It works like this:

  • Your customers order a product in your webshop for $100.
  • After you receive the payment in your bank account you order the product on the website / webshop of your supplier.
  • You fill in your own billing address and you fill in your customers address in the delivery address box.

Advantages of Dropshipping

If you are drophipping you will have a full blown ecommerce business and will still be able to run this on your own.

  • No financial startup or risk involved:
    Because you receive your customer payment before you order the products there is no financial risk
  • No startup Costs:
    You don’t have to buy products before you can sell them you don’t need anything else apart from your hosting account and domain name
  • No warehouse needed:
    Because you don’t actually have products on stock you can run this business from anywhere in the world. So your internet lifestyle is now within your reach.
  • No need to deal with customer complaints:
    The entire part of dealing with customers can be outsourced or you redirect them to your supplier.

How Can I start Dropshipping?

Starting with dropshipping just requires you to have a hosting account and a domain name.
You will need to setup your webshop and start to create categories and products, complete with descriptions, prices etc.
The prices that will ask need to be higher than the price you pay at your supplier, otherwise you won’t make a profit.
Usually the dropshipper will provide you with a price list of his product.

How do I find A dropshipper supplier

You can start looking for products that you would like to resell online and you can google for dropshippers USA to find a list of dropshippers in your country.
After you found your dropshipper you need to contact them and let them know that you would like to sell their products in your own webshop.
Usually suppliers are happy to find dropshippers that will get them customers.

Be aware though of websites that ask a payment before you can sell the products.
Never ever pay to make them money.

Because there are quite some scammers out there you can signup for my dropshipping training here and you will receive a video training that will help you find the best dropshippers , the best products and how to setup your webshop.

How do you know a good dropshipper from a bad dropshipper?

A good dropshipper needs to qualify for the following

  • There needs to be a good profit margin always 25 percent (because you bring in the customers)
  • The dropshipper needs to handle the returns (If they don’t handle returns then you end up with the broken products and will have to refund you customers)
  • The dropshipper needs to package his products without his own branding. (This way the customers don’t know the products are sent from a different company)
  • The dropshipper should provide tracking information (This way you can see if the package got delivered or not, in case you need to update the customers about the delivery)

What is a good product for Dropshipping

Don’t think about the standard products like iphones , fashion etc.
Electronics can brake and are a headache with returns and fashion is the same. With all the big sites with free shipping even on returns you cannot compete. Nowadays people order 5 pairs of shoes online and send 4 pairs back after picking the one pair they like.
So my advice is to stay away from fashion and shoes.

But what should I sell online? Anything that is not for sale everywhere. Wooden stars delivered straight from the factory would be good. Carpets, flooring, anything that is expensive , won’t be returned that much and will make a great profit.
I will show you the best products in my dropshipping training that you can signup here

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