Phenomenal new Facebook Interest targeting tool ConnectExplore

FB marketers have to struggle against rising ad costs and more competition every day. It’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel.

But don’t be hasty.

Because Wilco de Kreij has an phenomenal new Facebook Interest targeting tool which:

Uncovers targetable interests other tools will never have a hope in finding
Allows you to add these interests to your ad sets without any complicated exporting/importing
Digs deeper than other targeting tools because it’s hooked right into the FB Ads AP (and only select companies ever get to access this API)
Saves you massive amounts of time in research
Shows you which interests are performing best – and allows you to remove the underperformance (this way, you can optimize your ad sets with ease)
Check out the jaw-dropping demo now:

Save time. Save money. Make FB ads ultra-profitable at last
no matter how experienced you are at running ad campaigns.

Q: What is ConnectExplore?

A: It’s a cloud-based platform that takes the guesswork out of interest-based Facebook Ad targeting, so you can get more results while spending less. Some of the things it does:

– Uncovers interests other tools can’t (the most powerful search engine I’ve seen so far).
– Eliminates interest split testing (it breaks down your FB stats on an interest-per-interest basis)
– Optimizes your ad sets with 1 click (immediately remove non-performing interests so your ads will improve over time)
– Saves you hours of time (and lots of money) from going after the wrong interests

I recommend to check out the demo to see exactly what’s under the hood.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: It’s super easy to use, actually (surprisingly even, they did a great job!). They’ve made it super intuitive and something I’d happily use on a daily basis.

Q: Does the interest-per-interest breakdown work on my existing ads as well?

Yes, even for the FB Ads you’ve created yourself (without any help of ConnectExplore) you can break down the statistics on an interest-per-interest basis, so you can see exactly how each of your targeting interests are performing.

Q: Is this tool approved by Facebook?

A: Yes, all Connectio products are 100% approved by Facebook. In fact, one of their tools is actually recommended by Facebook themselves (

Q: What is the ConnectSuite bonus exactly?

A: Wilco and his team have created various cutting edge Facebook Ads tools, which they’ve all included in their suite of products called ConnectSuite. When you purchase ConnectExplore, you’ll automatically get a free 30-day trial of ConnectSuite to try out. Don’t worry though, you’re not locked in any way! You can simply cancel the trial at any point in time, and you’ll keep your lifetime access of ConnectExplore.

Q: Is training included?

A: Yes, of course! You’ll get clear video instructions (not that you’d need it, but just in case). There’s also a rock-solid support team behind this in case you’ve got questions.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Of course there is! There is a 30 day refund guarantee.

Just give it a go and try it out for 30 days. In case it’s not what you expected, just send Wilco a message within 30 days. He’ll then personally send your money back, no problem at all (we’ll still be friends).

Q: When does the special offer end?

A: We’re closing the special offer on Monday-night (midnight ET/NY).

Go here to see the demo + lock in your lifetime account.