how to create best selling adult coloring books

How to Create and Publish your own Adult Coloring Books with

The best selling books on Amazon are Adult Coloring Books

I bet you didn’t know that the number 1 best selling book on amazon nowadays are Coloring books for Adult?
Sounds shocking and also very interesting if you would know that you can monetize this book trend in a very easy way.
Just have a look at some of the adult colouring books that are currently are selling like crazy on Amazon.
how to create best selling adult coloring books

Why do adult coloring books sell

It is proven that coloring books have a positive effect on stress symptoms and it helps people to calm down and forget the stress of the day.
It works like yoga , because you are focuses on coloring your breathing is regulated and calmer and you are in a trance like focused stage of consciousness.  Also is coloring recommended treatment for patients that have stress issues so more and more people are picking up on coloring for adults.
Another thing that might explain why these coloring books for adults sell like crazy is that everyone can use this for an creative outlet. You can express yourself in colors and be just what you would like to be at that time. OK This is getting to dreamy zen like but imagine this. You could even color the cat green or the water pink whooohoe what an artistic freedom.

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Learn how to Create and Publish your own Adult Colouring Books with

The trend around Adults and their coloring books

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The trend is bigger then you can imagine. Just check this video about how Russel Brand is annoyed by the act that the best selling book on Amazon isn’t something like the Koran, or any other religious masterpiece but an , you guessed it , adult colouring book.

How To create your own AdultcoloringBooks

Creating and publishing your own books that sell isn’t really that hard if you know what to do and where to get it done.
That’s kind of true with everything. So to show you how to create your own adult coloring book within a few hours time there is a course created that shows you step by step how to get your book published today.

How to create Mandalas for in your Coloring book for adults

The top selling books that the coloring fanatics really like are mandala coloring books.
This is a type of zen-design that is great to color in and the good news is that the complete adult coloring book course shows you exactly how to create amazing mandalas for your book designs.


How to create patterns to use in your own books

People love patterns, we see patterns everywhere and this is true for the coloring books that sell too.
There are dozens of pattern coloring books in the top 1000 selling books on Amazon.

And again the Adult Coloring Book Course shows you exactly how to create these amazing pattern designs and how to export and publish them in your own books.


How to create drawings from pictures to publish in your own Adult Colouring books

What if you could create amazing pictures from your own pictures on your phone to use in your books? I bet you think this would take a lot of time to generate these kind of designs. But nothing is less true. This entire process is reviewed and explained in the course.

How to make money with your own created Color-in Books

Head over to the adult coloring book website and buy the course and just follow the steps and have your own adult coloring book course published today in more then 25 countries worldwide